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A gold chain is an essential piece of jewellery for a woman. Since ages, women of every age, love adorning gold chains. An essential for every jewellery collection a gold chain is the most basic bijouterie. A gold chain, the most basic ornament, worn today has a long history of evolution behind it. The birth of chain dates back to the Stone Age when it was made by assembling stones, shells and teeth in a string.

An embellishment for the neck, it further evolved into an assemblage of beads, shaded stones and gemstones strung in metals like copper and silver. Wearing gold as jewellery is a much later development.

Thaali Chain Models

But with changing chronology, the gold chains have today become a necessity for every individual. Flawless epitome of your splendour The gold chain for ladies is generally a daily wear ornament and holds importance both stature wise and trends wise. Whatever the gender, and whatever the age, a gold chain always adds to the style statement of an individual. According to customary beliefs, a bare- necked woman symbolises ill-fortune, hence wearing chain is a perfect way to deal with such beliefs.

Wearing jewellery in neck is a symbol of prosperity, and a chain being the most basic neck jewellery is donned by women to showcase their character and stature.

A favourite for woman of every age, the gold chains in our collection will certainly add glitter to the charismatic persona of the woman of your life. The elegant gold chain designs crafted by our artistic craftsmen get along well with any attire. The finesse in our designs adds to your resplendence, while the conventional outlays make these a perfect fit for every occasion.

Available in chain links, oval links and circular links, the versatile artistry in our gold chain for women are trendy yet sophisticated. Online collection for a blissful shopping experience We are your one stop solution for jewellery shopping. The gold chains for women available online are a blend of tradition and trends both.

The huge variety of gold chains available online will help you buy the best suited piece. Occasional Gold Jewellery. Gold Jewellery for Women. Gold Jewellery for Men. Gold Jewellery for Kids. Please wait Loading, wait Diamond Jewellery. Men Ring.Spiral diamond thali chains which gives a lighting appearance. A perfect marriage with a perfect Thali chain!! The chain is of spiral model and strong.

Diamond design studs were placed across the chain which gives a stunning and traditional look. The finishing of this chain is hand made and fit. This is a latest model thali chain which every one prefers more for their marriages. This chain itself enhances the beauty of the bride double times. The thali chains can be easily folded and handled.

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Beautiful gold step necklace designs are showcased. Beautiful collection of Azva Bangles in gold have been showcased in this video. Azva jewellery collection has got tremendous About Us. You may also like Thali Chain Designs in Gold.

Ruby studded mope pendant. Designer Gold Chain models new patterns.

Gold Long Chain

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Customers can buy diamond locket mangalsutra design online because there are Hugh Collection of Mangalsutra designs and varieties at best prices range. Nice collections and among all i like rani haar designs as they give traditional look for festive season. Saturday, June 23, Thali Chain Models.

The relationship between a male and female in the context of marriage is a divine and unique one which is further graced by rich culture and traditions.

The bride and groom exchange vows amid vedic hymns wearing premium category of wedding suite. Gifts, Elaborate jewellery adorning the bride from forehead to toe, meticulously planned food, decoration of marriage hall and other arrangements make the occasion an extravaganza.

The pendants that pair up with the mangalyam chain come in huge variety of designs that constitute the Thaali. Nowadays, weddings are performed in a lavish manner, with orchestra and dance. Every religion or community has its own unique way of performing wedding rituals. In north India it is a common sight to see brides wearing black beaded chain for immunity against evil spirits. During the wedding ceremony, the groom ties the mangalsutra around the neck of the bride.

In Indian culture a mangalsutra is akin to wedding bands of western culture. Some of the well known thali chain models in various regions of India are as below:.

Nadar (caste)

Kashmiri Thali Chain Design:. The Kashmiri Thali chain design is actually an earring made of yellow gold woven in a thread which is red in colour. This earring presented to the kashmiri bride, by her parents, is subject to a transformation at the time of stepping foot on her new house.

A gold chain takes the place of the red thread. Sindhi Gold Mangalsutra Design:. Black and Gold beaded chain is typical of Sindhi culture. Bihari Thali Kodi Design:. In this culture, married women wear a thirumangalyam chain referred to as Taagpaag. Taagpaag is composed of black beaded chain with a suitable pendant. Tamil Mangalsutra Thaali Kodi. Tamil culture is regarded one among the best of Indian cultures. The Thaali kodi chain is an integral part of the everyday attire of the married women.

Thaali chain for women come in many shapes and forms. When it comes to Thali chain models or Thali chain designs, religious pendants are always in high demand. Demand for modern stylish pendants is also on the rise. Those who purchase Thaali can enhance the glow of the gold mangalsutra design by adding Gold coins, diamonds, gems to the main Thaali or on the sides. When it comes to Christian Thali chain design, Holy cross is portrayed in as much of varied designs as possible.

Muslim mangalyam includes Poosanthiram Mangalyam which may be beautified with crescent moon gold coins. If you are on the lookout for contemporary and traditional Bridal jewellery, always go to a reliable jeweler like Thangamayil to be sure you get the best deal and value for money.

Labels: Buy gold mangalyam onlineChristian mangalyamGold mangalsutra designGold mangalyam designsMuslim mangalyamThali chain designs. Amit Yadav September 11, at PM. Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Nadars are predominant in the districts of KanyakumariThoothukudiTirunelveli and Virudhunagar.

The Nadar community was not a single caste, but developed from an assortment of related subcastes, which in course of time came under the single banner Nadar. Nadar climbers were the largest subsect of today's Nadar community. A few subsects of the Nadar community, such as the Nelamaikkararswere traditionally wealthy landlords and money lenders. Historically, most Nadars were cultivators of palmyra trees and jaggery and a few were also involved in the toddy trade. Nadar climbers had faced discrimination from major upper castes in some regions.

The martial art of Varma Kalai was historically practised by the Nadars. The socio-economic development achieved by the Nadars in southern India has elicited academic interest. The community was previously known as Shanar [4] but legally changed their name to Nadar in Nadars claim that the original name of the community was Shantror or Shandrar noble one which, in course of time, was corrupted to Shanar.

Channar is a title used by the Ezhava community of Kerala. The origin of Nadars as a social group is uncertain. Hardgrave stated that the Teri palmyra forests around today's Tiruchendur must have been their original abode. They also claimed that the Nayak rulers of Tamil Nadu imposed Deshaprashtam ostracism on the ancient Nadars to ensure that they would not rise. The traditions followed by the Nelamaikkarars and the existence of the ruins beneath the Teri palmrya forests of Tiruchendur and the Pandyan capital city of Korkaiwhere the Nadar population is predominant, suggest they could very well be the heirs of the Early Pandyas.

In the early nineteenth century, the Nadars were a community mostly engaged in the palmyra industry, including the production of toddy.

They commanded high respect among the population, including from groups such as the Nadar climbers, the minority Vellalars and the Brahmins. Nadan men rode horses and their women rode in covered palanquins. Nadar climbers were also to be found in other regions of Tamil Nadu where a few palmyra trees grew.

In areas where the Nadar climber population consisted of only a few families in a village, they faced discrimination from major upper castes. They were also very caste conscious.

nadar thali chain model

Hardgrave conjectures that the Nadars of Southern Travancore migrated there from Tirunelveli in the 16th century after the invasion of Tirunelveli by the Raja of Travancore. Like their Tirunelveli counterparts, the Nadars of Travancore were mostly palmyra climbers.

However, a significant number of Nadars were subtenants to Nair or Vellalar landlords. These aristocratic Nadars called themselves Nadans and some of them had direct control over their lands.

The Nadans enjoyed special privileges under the Raja and claimed that they were superior to the climbers. The climbers of Travancore fared a little better than their Tirunelveli counterparts, but suffered severe social disabilities not found in Tirunelveli due to Travancore's rigid caste hierarchy.

As Swami Vivekananda stated, the Keralite hierarchy was a lunatic asylum of castes. One example of the social disabilities was that Nadar climber women were not allowed to cover their bosoms, as most of the non- Brahmin women of Kerala, to punctuate their low status.

However, the Nadan women of the region were exempted from this restriction. Discontented with their social status, a large number of Nadar climbers embraced Christianity and became upwardly mobile.A Mangalsutra a symbol of marital status for women in India. In different regions of the country, the designs are different to represent the culture and belief systems. Especially in the Telugu states of Andhra and Telangana, Mangalsutra is a gold chain worn at the time of the wedding. They are offered in many styles and designs to cater to various tastes of women.

In this article, we shall explore some trendy Telugu Mangalsutra designs, which are worth more than a glance. If you are fond of trying something unique, you must check out this design. This beautiful Kempu gold Mangalsutra is looking stunning with its beautiful detailing.

15 Traditional Collection of Telugu Mangalsutra Designs in Trend

The chain has rows of tiny black beads, interspersed with gold beads. Golden balls and bright red stones are added to make it a masterpiece.


Wearing a Lakshmi Kasu is considered to be auspicious in Telugu culture. In some regions, it is a custom to wear a single bottu with Lakshmi Kasu. The pendant is joined on either side with Corals and gold balls. These are attached to a dual row black bead chain. It is made with pure gold and is suitable for traditional events. If you are fond of wearing full gold Mangalsutras, check out this design.

This exquisitely made chain has interlocked gold bits, connected to the main Sutras. The discs are covered with tiny gold balls to give them a 3D look. Coloured stones are embossed on it with hints of black beads on the chain. This is another unique design that comes with dual-layered black bead chain. It is connected with 4 gold balls and two solid gold discs.India is a land of diversity. Different states of India have different cultures and wedding styles. While the concept is similar across the state, the designs of these Mangalsutras keep changing, as per their belief system.

In a land where Muslims, Hindus and Christians, co-live in harmony, it is an amazing experience to learn about the various styles of Thaali Bottus of the state. The plain leaf design is the traditional Thirumangalyam design followed by Kerala Hindu families. The concept behind this era is that as the banyan trees support and nurture the tree, the same ideology is bought behind the banyan leaf-shaped Thirumangalyam. Kerala mangalsutra designs are simple, yet convey their belief aptly through their designs.

Hindu Kerala calls it as Ela, the Kerala Christian call their thirumangalyam as minnu which is also in the form of a leaf with their religious symbol between the minnu. This is attached as the pendant to a thick gold chain. This is the best Malayalam mangalsutra designs for Kerala bride, in that they are latest and simple. See More: Maharashtrian Jewellery Mangalsutra. This type of Mangalsutra is a traditional Hindu design which resembles a narrow leaf with a narrow edge.

This is a pendant attached to the hook of the chain and falls at the centre. This is a plain Gold pendant. The pendant hangs in style while the chain adds charm to the entire jewel. In this type of Kerala mangalsutra thirumangalyam, the typical cross symbol is engraved onto the solid gold piece called the minnu by the Malayalis.

nadar thali chain model

This weighs more than another type of Mangalsutra due to its outstanding inbuilt design. It has a hook attached on the top which goes easily inside a thick chain. This is another type of thali used by Kerala Christians.

The shape of the Thirumangalyam is different from Minnu. In this design, the gold is formed into a Square shape with cross symbol embalmed onto the centre of the Thirumangalyam which is wider in size than Minnu. The jewel is designed to perfection. See More: Nepali Mangalsutra Designs. This type of Kerala mangalsutra design is worn by Syrian Christians ladies in Kerala. The design is peculiar and artistic.

nadar thali chain model

The leaf-shaped minnu has golden beads designed into a cross which is attached to a golden chain. The pendant is attached to the strands of thread taken from the saree given by the bridegroom to the bride which is called as the Mantra Kodi. The 7 thread depicts the Bride, Bridegroom, their Parents and the Church. This is a simple yet famous and mostly used design by any all religion, where only the pendant is changed. This shiny finish leaves a slightly rough finish which gives a different outlook from glossy hand carved design.

This is the best Kerala mangalsutra design that you can try. This particular one is opted by the Hindus and looks rich. This is a simple yet famous and mostly used design by any all religion per see. The size of the leaf can be customizedThe younger generation commonly uses gold locket Mangalsutraand according to the thali weight, the chain is selected. See More: Telugu Mangalsutra Designs. Gold locket Mangalsutra is commonly used by the younger generation in the way of expressing their love towards each other.Do Indians need a special reason to buy gold jewellery?

Of course not! Gold is treated as a status symbol and as a sign of prosperity. It also carries a high emotional value and also makes for a wise investment. Among the many ornaments made out of this precious metal, Gold chain designs quite popular with men and women of all age groups.

Be it for everyday use or for special occasions, these chains come in a wide variety of patterns. You can also buy one chain and wear it in many ways to create different looks.

Today, we bring to you an amazing collection of Gold Chain designs for ladies to suit all your moods and fashion needs. Be it any form of gold jewellery, you need to keep in mind certain things before investing your hard-earned money:. Flaunt that statement neckpiece and one is good to go! Here we present a list of 35 chain designs in gold is as follows.

You can wear it on its own or combine it with other chains to create a layered look. Also, you can try adding a colourful pendant to match your outfits. Upon close look, you can notice smaller links seamlessly blending into each other to form to get a smooth texture. This chain weighs around 30 gms and is made with 22kt gold. This designer gold chain is suitable for both men and women who love to make a statement with just one piece of jewellery.

It comes with a 5 mm width to make it visible on your body. The best part is that you need not worry about adding any more accessories to it. The W-hook gold chain can be worn on western and formal wear outfits to look stylish. This classic gold chain is made with 22 kt yellow gold to give you an elegant feel.

You can wear it as a standalone chain or with a pendant and look sensational in either way. The beautifully made foxtail design puts your neckline under the spotlight and draws attention to it. It can also be used as a contemporary version of a Mangalsutra chain on sarees and ethnic wear. If you are looking for a lightweight gold chain under 10gms or 1 Tola, this model can be a great option. The brilliantly made design features chain links in 22kt gold. Because of the clever craftmanship, the chain looks heavy and grand, despite its low metal weight.

It is ideal for daily wear and suits both the genders.